Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife


Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife

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Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife

Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife. Comes in the original box with papers.

Very limited production for this specific model, I believe only 100 pieces were produced in year 2000.

87 implements

141 functions

The Wenger Giant has got it all!

  • 2.5-inch 60% serrated locking blade
  • Nail file
  • Nail cleaner
  • Corkscrew
  • Adjustable pliers with wire crimper and cutter
  • Removable screwdriver bit adapter
  • 2.5-inch blade for Official World Scout Knife
  • Spring-loaded, locking needle-nose pliers with wire cutter
  • Removable screwdriver bit holder
  • Phillips head screwdriver bit 0 Phillips head screwdriver bit 1
  • Phillips head screwdriver bit 2
  • Flat head screwdriver bit 0.5mm x 3.5mm
  • Flat head screwdriver bit 0.6mm x 4.0mm
  • Flat head screwdriver bit 1.0mm x 6.5mm
  • Magnetized recessed bit holder
  • Double-cut wood saw with ruler
  • Chain rivet setter
  • Removable 5mm
  • Allen wrench
  • Screwdriver for slotted and Phillips head screws
  • Removable tool for adjusting spokes
  • 10mm Hexagonal key for nuts
  • Removable 4mm curved Allen wrench with Phillips head screwdriver
  • Patented locking screwdriver
  • Universal wrench
  • 2.4-inch springless scissors with serrated self-sharpening design
  • 1.65-inch clip point utility blade
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • 2.5-inch clip-point blade
  • Club face cleaner
  • 2.4-inch round tip blade
  • Patented locking screwdriver
  • Cap lifter
  • Can opener
  • Shoe spike wrench
  • Divot repair tool
  • 4mm Allen wrench
  • 2.5-inch blade
  • Fine metal file with precision screwdriver
  • Double-cut wood saw with ruler
  • Cupped cigar cutter with double honed edges
  • 12/20-gauge choke tube tool
  • Watch case back opening tool
  • Snap shackle
  • Mineral crystal magnifier
  • Compass
  • Straight edge, ruler (in./cm)
  • Telescopic pointer
  • Fish scaler
  • Hook dis-gorger
  • Line guide
  • Shortix laboratory key
  • Micro tool holder
  • Micro tool adapter
  • Micro scraper, straight
  • Micro scraper, curved
  • Laser pointer with 300-foot range
  • Metal file
  • Metal saw
  • Flashlight
  • Micro tool holder
  • Phillips head screwdriver 1.5mm
  • Screwdriver 1.2mm
  • Screwdriver .8mm
  • Fine fork for watch spring bars
  • Reamer
  • Pin punch 1.2mm
  • Pin pinch .8mm
  • Round needle file
  • Removable tool holder with expandable receptacle
  • Removable tool holder
  • Special self-centering screwdriver for gunsights
  • Flat Phillips head screwdriver
  • Chisel-point reamer
  • Mineral crystal magnifier
  • Small ruler
  • Extension tool
  • Spring-loaded, locking flat nose needle-nose pliers
  • Removable screwdriver bit holder
  • Phillips head screwdriver bit 0
  • Phillips head screwdriver bit 1
  • Phillips head screwdriver bit 2
  • Flat head screwdriver bit 0.5mm x 3.5mm
  • Flat head screwdriver bit 0.6mm x 4.0mm
  • Flat head screwdriver bit 1.0mm x 6.5mm
  • Magnetized recessed bit holder
  • Tire tread gauge
  • Fiber optic tool holder
  • Can opener
  • Patented locking screwdriver
  • Cap lifter
  • Wire stripper
  • Reamer
  • Awl
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers
  • Key ring

A lot of superlatives can be used to describe the Wenger Giant.

After all, which knife company can even think of creating something like this?

But Wenger, known to be the more innovative between the two Swiss Army Knife manufacturers (the other being Victorinox), created this unique Swiss Army Knife that is still considered a marvel of modern Engineering.

The Wenger Giant is the largest Swiss Army Knife ever made. It is the only SAK that has the most tools, as it has each and every tool that Wenger has ever produced for their Swiss Army Knives. The Giant comprises of 87 tools that can perform 141 different functions. In the process, the Wenger Giant also became the most expensive Swiss Army Knife that money can buy.

Talking of superlatives, the Wenger Giant did feature in the Guinness World Records for being the largest multi-tool. Specifically, the Guinness Book Of World Records awarded it the distinction of the ‘most multifunctional penknife ‘. The Giant was also a finalist for the Outstanding Technology of the Year Award for 2006, from the International Academy of Sciences.

Following are the dimensions and weight of the Wenger Giant:

Length: 85mm

Width: 26mm

Weight: over 3 lbs

Thickness: 244mm

Yes, this knife is more than 9 inches thick. Funny how Guinness Book calls it a penknife! This monster certainly is not something you can call a pocket knife or a holstered knife.

Officially, the model is referred to as the Wenger 16999, but popularly (especially among collectors), the model is known as the Wenger Giant. It comes only in standard red-coloured scales.

As Wenger has included each and every tool they have designed over a century-long history of making Swiss Army Knives, the Giant ended up having 14 blades, three types of pliers, countless screwdrivers, saws, wrenches and a lot of other tools.

There have been tool variations in the Wenger Giant over the years since its first inception.

The Wenger Giant along with the certificate from Guinness Book!

This is because Wenger used to produce a newer model of the Giant each year to include all the newer implements that they have designed for their SAKs for that specific year. Ultimately, the Wenger ended up having 87 tools in all, which can perform 141 distinct functions.

If you are interested in how and who thought of creating this unusual and extraordinary SAK, keep reading.

Why was the Wenger Giant made?

But what if we can have all the tools in one single model? This is exactly the idea that Michel Champion at Wenger came up with.

Michel Champion is known as the father of the Wenger Giant. He used to work in the assembly department of Wenger’s Delemont factory in Switzerland. After he saw some big knives in the Guinness Book, he thought of creating one by assembling all the tools that Wenger makes in a single model. He presented the idea of creating this big SAK to Wenger management.

The idea was accepted by Wenger management. The aim was not to win a world record certificate but to ensure that Wenger was capable of achieving such a feat.

“We wanted to show what a Swiss Army knife could look like with all the tools in one product… to show this handy toolbox in its most extreme form

Peter Hug (Wenger’s chief executive)

It took ten weeks of development for Wenger to come up with the first prototype of the Giant. Mr. Champion engineered the manufacturing process and created the first Wenger Giant, in the year 2000.

How was the Wenger Giant made?

The Wenger Giant is assembled by hand. The assembling and riveting process are manual, as Michel Champion did mention that it is impossible for a machine to assemble a knife like the Giant. Initially, he alone was responsible for putting the knife together as he knew exactly where each tool should go.

In the beginning he could assemble two units a day. As he gained experience, he was capable of assembling eight such units in a day.. Champion said that only the assembling process took about one hour.

Mr. Champion later trained his colleague Mr. Leuenberger to assemble the Giant. The two of them were the only technicians in Wenger trained to assemble this monster SAK.

Wenger assembled about 25 units of the Giant in 2000. These were used for exhibitions in various trade shows.

The Wenger Giant

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