A very unusual elliptical blunderbuss with a 7 groove rifled barrel running along the top. The Damascus work is quite incredible and the infill between the two barrels is a work of art. There is no indication of the maker and along the top rib of the rifled barrel is an inscription which I think says….”COMMLNUNOR II CAULUS DI VILLABUS”. If anyone has any knowledge or information about this wonderful gun or the inscription then I would be most grateful if you would contact me.

NB: Many thanks to William Black who has informed me that the crowned AF is Auguste Francotte of Liege. The company was founded in 1805 by August Francotte in Liège, based at Rue de Mont-Saint-Martin 61. The company was noted to be especially active from 1860 to 1914 before manufacturing ceased due to the German invasion of Belgium. The company resumed production after World War I.

During the first decades they manufactured various arms for various nations around Europe, among others 1,500 M1849 kammerladers for Norway. Later they concentrated on high-quality, expensive civilian arms.

In 1857, the Principality of Serbia ordered rifles and pistols of percussion cap system for its armed forces. Also, in 1875, Serbia procured 11 mm Francotte M1871 revolvers of double action, similar to a Danish revolver Lefaucheux-Francotte M1865.

The Company made weapons based on other manufacturers designs. The Francotte house manufactured a number of rifles shotguns based on the Martini system and supplied them to a number of Countries armed forces.