French Pocket Barometer


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FRENCH POCKET BAROMETER with a dial that is marked V.REG VERAND BESTg. It looks to be of a GOOD quality with a GILT BRASS case(there is some wear to this). It has a BEVELLED GLASS(in good condition without any chips) but the dial appears to be paper(often this is the case with French Instruments), luckily it is very clean without staining though. It appears to be in WORKING ORDER, the needle moves when placed in a clear plastic bag if the pressure is increased by squeezing). It retains the ORIGINAL hanging loop but alas no case. A French friend thought it MILITARY in use. It is COMPENSATED(?), in that you can set the ALTITUDE from 0-5000 metres. It weighs approx 106g unpacked. Approx 2 1/8ths” in diameter