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Windage adapter for No.4 and No.8 Lee Enfield rifles (however it should fit on any Enfield). It’s in good condition and full working order. Stamped on the sight is: ALFRED J. PARKER BIRMREG DESIGN 868970 MODEL 8/53 This sight fits on to the existing slide of the Service Aperture Sight (Mk. I) of the .22 No. 8 and the .303 No, 4. It is fitted to the slide firmly without any liability to move, by just one screw. No part of the Service Aperture Sight or the rifle need be altered or removed. To screw the Model 8/53 Sight to the slide of the service sight is a matter of a few seconds and thereby gives an aperture sight capable of lateral adjustment to the extent of nine full minutes both ways, adjustable in half minute. An absolute must for service rifle shooting.