1856 Windsor Enfield


1856 Windsor Enfield


1856 Windsor Enfield. This gun is one of only about 16,000 produced by the Robbins & Lawrence company.

This is an unusual variation of the Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle Musket, known to collectors as the Windsor Enfield. This musket was built in the United States, under contract for the British Government, by the firm of Robbins & Lawrence of Windsor, Vermont.

This is a Type II P-1853 rifle musket. The primary features that separate it from the much more common Type III P-1853 (which was the version primarily used during the American Civil War), are solid barrel bands that are retained by band springs (instead of screw fastened bands) and a ramrod with a swell near the tip, similar to the US M-1855 & 1861 ramrods.

This gun is one of only about 16,000 produced by Robbins & Lawrence for the British government during the Crimean War. Due to production problems and the end of the Crimean War, the “Windsor” contract was cancelled. Afterwards, those guns that were delivered to the British were quickly deemed 2nd Class as they were of an obsolete pattern (Type II instead of Type III) and most were likely sent to arm colonial and empire forces. Stores of these muskets remaining in America were sold to Mexican Nationalist fighting against Emperor Maximillian I in Mexico and still others sold to southern states during 1860 and early 1861. An 1863 letter from Confederate Lt. Brown, lists “Windsor” among the makers noted on the locks of Enfield arms being repaired at the Richmond Artillery Workshop.

This rifle is in generally good condition overall. In full working order with a good bore, there is some light pitting to the barrel. This is a very rare Enfield.

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