Bastin Style Double Shotgun by John Lyell


Double Shotgun by John Lyell


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Bastin Style Double Shotgun by John Lyell

Bastin Style Double Shotgun by John Lyell. Double Shotgun by John Lyell. A rare Bastin style slide action 13 bore pinfire shotgun by John Lyell. Lyell is listed from 1832 – 1879 at Union Street in Aberdeen as a “Registered grate, stove and gun maker.” This action was also copied by Purdey. The gun and the bores are in excellent condition.

The action is referred to in various early books as the; Bastin Gun. The original design is attributed to Bastin Freres a French Gunmaker.

Lyell is listed at the following addresses:

1831. – 1835. 126 Union Street
1835. – 1837. 130 Union Street
1837. – 1841. 123 Union Street
1841. – 1865. 124 Union Street
1865. – 1879. 128 Union Street

David Baker comments on this design on page 84 of Volume 1, The British Shotgun.








The image above shows a French-made Bastin Lepage double-barreled shotgun using pinfire cartridges. This mechanism is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. The stock has a central groove cut along its length and the barrels slide along this groove. The movement of the barrels is actuated by the long lever on the underside of the gun. The barrels move sufficiently forward, so that the user can easily insert cartridges into the barrel. The user then pulls the lever back, which moves the barrels back into position. There is a catch on the stock that holds the long lever in place so that the barrels don’t move when the weapon is fired.









The Pinfire Cartridge

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