SMLE Front Sight Adjusting Tool


SMLE Front Sight Adjusting Tool

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SMLE Front Sight Adjusting Tool

SMLE Front Sight Adjusting Tool. An original front sight adjusting tool for (I think) for the SMLE Nos 1 & 2 rifles. In great original condition and in full working order. I am unsure whether this is a Parker Hale or an AJ & JG Parker tool.

Each graduation on the SMLE adjuster represents one inch of windage displacement on the target of the point of impact at 25 yards. For this tool to be used, it is necessary to remove the rifle’s nose-cap by removing two screws. Early rifles had solid fore-sight protector wings on the nose cap, and removal of the same was obligatory. Later nose caps had perforated protector wings, which both saved weight and allowed more light onto the fore-sight.

A shorter and lighter version of the original MLE—the Rifle, Short, Magazine, Lee–Enfield or SMLE (sometimes spoken as “Smelly”, rather than “S-M-L-E”) was introduced on 1 January 1904. The barrel was now halfway in length between the original long rifle and the carbine, at 25.2 inches (640 mm). The SMLE’s visual trademark was its blunt nose, with only the bayonet boss protruding a small fraction of an inch beyond the nose cap, being modelled on the Swedish Model 1894 cavalry carbine. The new rifle also incorporated a charger loading system, another innovation borrowed from the Mauser rifle and notably different from the fixed “bridge” that later became the standard: a charger clip (stripper clip) guide on the face of the bolt head. The shorter length was controversial at the time; many rifle association members and gunsmiths were concerned that the shorter barrel would not be as accurate as the longer MLE barrels, that the recoil would be much greater and the sighting radius would be too short.

Lee Enfield

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