The Parker Hale Target Scope


The Parker Hale Target Scope

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The Parker Hale Target Scope

The Parker Hale Target Scope. Nice old scope from pre war Parker Hale.

22 inches long, 9x magnification. Comes with the original P/H FULLY ADJUSTABLE MICROMETER TARGETSCOPE MOUNTS AND BARREL FIXING BLOCKS WITH SCREWS. Optics are clear and bright, cross hairs straight and true. The scope still has most of the original blued finish and is in very nice condition. These scopes had a short production run due to the start of WW2 and are consequently extremely hard to find. The scope tubes were apparently made in the USA  for P/H by J W **** and P/H added their own precise micrometer target sights and mounts.

Perhaps not entirely a correct assessment of how things were to turn out sixty years on, but nevertheless, a perfectly reasonable outlook for the telescopic sight in small-bore target shooting was made by A.G.Banks (winner of the first “Queens Cup” competition in 1907 with a Greener Martini rifle) in his book “Random Notes on Rifle Shooting”. He stated in 1932 that “Personally, I have little doubt that in a few years’ time telescopic sights will have taken the place of aperture sights on target rifles as a standard fitting, and everyone will wonder why on earth we did not adopt them years ago. The lead will come from older shots – for the man with failing eyesight the “scope sight” is the greatest boon every invented.

“I do not suppose that anyone will deny – anyone in Britain, at any rate – that Messrs. Parker-Hale’s “TargetScope” and mounts constitute the best telescopic sight outfit available at any price.






















Parker-Hale TargetScope

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