Pin Fire D/B Pistol by “Lefaucheux”


Pin Fire D/B Pistol by “Lefaucheux”

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Pin Fire D/B Pistol by “Lefaucheux”

Pin Fire D/B Pistol by “Lefaucheux”. Exquisite D/B Side by Side Small Bore Pin-fire Pistol by “Lefaucheux”, fine damask twist break barrels rifled with 12 groove rifling and signed on the top rib “Lefaucheux” Inventeur x Bavxs (?), double boxlock actions with drop-down triggers and finely engraved gold washed frame fitting to a wonderfully shaped ivory butt. Suggestions are that this equisite piece may well have been made for the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1889 as an exhibit.


Son of Casimir, who invented the pinfire system, Eugène Lefaucheux proved himself very early as a genius gunmaker and an excellent businessman. It would take too long to tell the whole story of his life in this chapter, but we can view the headlines of it.

Born in 1832, he became very young familiar with the drawing techniques and manufacture of the pinfire arms invented by his father. He proofed very interested and very skilful on the field of gun mechanisms, and when his father died in 1852, as he was the sole survivor of seven children, he inherited not only his father’s shop and patents, but above all his father’s geniality and deep interest for mechanic in general.

With a view to developing his father’s business at the best, Eugène went to Liège in order to enhance his knowledge. At Liège he learned not only the practical manufacture techniques in use in the imposant Belgian arms industry, but also the art of negotiation that was in use in well-established local companies such as Pirlot, Dandoy, Francotte and Colette.

Back in Paris at the end of 1853, he obtained a loan from his future father-in-law, which he invested in remodelling and modernization of his father’s installations at the 37, rue Vivienne, that had been kept running by his mother during his stay at Liège. His success would see no end.


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