Parker Hale Hollow Base Minie Mould 58560 .577 Cal 560 grain


Parker Hale Hollow Base Minie Mould 58560 .577 Cal 560 grain


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Parker Hale Hollow Base Minie Mould 58560 .577 Cal 560 grain

Parker Hale Hollow Base Minie Mould 58560 .577 Cal 560 grain. A very scarce original Parker Hale mould for your .577 calibre rifle. A hollow base mould casting a minie bullet of 560 grains.

Made in Birmingham, England by Parker-Hale Ltd.

Parker-Hale Limited began manufacturing high quality precision shooting accessories in the heart of the gun-making quarter in the year 1880. The founder, A.G.Parker, was a well-known rifleman of the 1st Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment and recognised the need for the supply of shooting aids to his fellow shooters.

The business had developed slowly up to the turn of the century, when Mr Parker decided to invite his nephew A.T.C. Hale to become a partner. He joined the Volunteers and showed considerable skills in the art of target shooting, an interest that was to remain with him throughout his life.

In 1904 the partnership was converted into a limited liability company, the shares being taken up by members of both the Parker and Hale families. A first catalogue was issued of arms and shooting accessories and, though limited in its range, clearly showed the company’s growing trend for the development of accessories.

The Boer War had not long since given the British military leaders a sharp lesson in effectiveness of accurate rifle fire in holding off numerically superior forces. With influential backing, notably from Field Marshal Lord Roberts, efforts were made to improve the standard of marksmanship in the UK.

Positioned alongside the BSA factory sportsground and Sparkbrook, from which the local area gets its name, the Parker-Hale factory headquarter building echoes the traditions of the Birmingham gunmaking industry, since it occupies the very site that the Proof House located their testing range.

The company received a temporary setback in 1985 when the Chairman and Managing Director, John le Breton, who had been instrumental in consolidating the company’s success in world markets, retired from the board. The founder’s grandson, Roger Hale, then took over as Managing Director, and proved an influential figure in successfully re-positioning the company in what was to prove a constantly changing industry.

Lacking the investment necessary to enable the company to compete effectively in newly emerging markets, Parker-Hale was eventually sold to the Midlands engineering group, Modular Industries Ltd. In 1992 it was purchased by Navy Arms and spun off as Gibbs Rifle Company, Inc

Parker Hale

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