Cased 15 Bore Shotgun by Clark of London


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A absolutely stunning cased 15 bore shotgun by W.Clark of London. With a burr maple stock this seems to be a flintlock conversion. Mounted on the stock are what appears to be the Royal Arms of Austria. The same arms are also engraved on the case. If anyone had further information then I would be much obliged if you would let me know.

The damascus barrel of the highest quality going with three different stages. Top flats signed in gold Clark London.

The interior of lid with Clark label reading W. Clark/Gun Maker, Holborn, London/New Invented Breech & Pan… and imprinted with images of the chamber, cones, pan, etc. and description of the astonishing quickness of this action.

Wattell, or William, Clark, Holborn, London, is recorded in Holborn from 1785 until 1815, first at number 133 and from 1797 at number 43.

Every aspect of this gun is of the highest quality.